Spiral conveyors for food

  • Spiral conveyors for food

    The Spiral Conveyors or simply the drum spirals, gain their name by the cylindrical framework which is the main protagonist of the belt spiraloid motion. The belt motion is around the drum which is considered the real heart of the machine. It is indeed the component which needs a great deal of attention. That is why we spend a lot of time for its engineering and development; The drum is strictly assembled in our firm by skilled workers; The drum spirals change the dynamic friction force, generated by the belt pressure against the drum, from a dissipative force into a conservative one.
    Around the drum the spiral curves have to support the belt running; They are made by laser cut and bored stainless steel type AISI 304 sheet; The used material is a high molecular weight Polyethylene with special addictives (patented material) which reduce the oxidation in high temperature and so the degradation; The column, which carry the curves, are fixed on the framework.

    In the food-processing industry the spiral technology is used to treat or transport products like pasta, ready meals, vegetables and fruit, meat, fish, biscuits and cakes, bread, and also packaged products.
    As the temperature plays a major role in blocking the proliferation of the bacteria that are principally involved in spoilage of the product in the package, the thermic treatment is important to extend the shelf life of the product, thus stopping those chemical and biological mechanisms, which lead to food deterioration and alteration.
    Talking about advantages of using spirals for the above-mentioned purpose, we can without doubt state that the application of spirals gives the possibility of saving space and obtaining efficiency at the same time. This result is achieved by treating large quantities of production in a reduced surface area, if compared to other technical solutions.
    Secondly, the initial cost is absorbed in the long run because of the reduction of maintenance and labour costs. The entire process is indeed automatic: once the product is put on the spiral belt, the operator only has to check working phases using the software, installed on the spiral.
    Last but not least, the treatment temperature remains unchanged during the entire process, thus allowing a uniform temperature distribution on products/items.


    The spiral conveyors are designed and manufactured in our factory. Our technical know-how along with the effectiveness of our work team allow us to hold a prestigious position in the market. The equipment that we offer reflects the essence of our mission: continuous technology and quality improvement. That is why a satisfied customer is our best advertisement.


    Spiral conveyors for food are the perfect solution for treating the product within the smallest possible space, thanks to conveyor length which doesn’t develop towards one direction only but moves making a spiral like trajectory; it thus follows a circular base trajectory that develops also height wards.
    It’s easy to understand that the great advantage of these conveyors , is to grant hundreds of meters in few square meters space.
    The length the product has to run along grants a treatment time unthinkable to be reached by the linear conveyors.


    Besides , spiral belts are an effective alternative to static cells whose limit is just the one of being static, without granting to production cycle the continuance that allows the customer to save time, manpower, consumptions and therefore money.
    Hereafter we list products that mostly get the best from spiral conveyors technology; other products and treatments can be used but further and deeper studies still have to be made.

    Spiral conveyors for food are divided into two types of products that take their name from their traction system: gearing spirals and drum spirals.

    The choice of the spiral is taken each time depending on the type of treatment required, the type of product, the space available and the performance required, considering every single detail.

    Depending on the thermic treatment required, the spiral conveyor belts are dived into:

    Freezing spirals (box at –40,-35°C)
    Cooling spirals (box at –10,-8°C)
    Heap spirals (no box)
    Drying spirals (box at +90,+98°C)
    Pasteurizing spirals (box at +90,+98°C)


Boxes on which the spirals are inserted are built with sandwich-type panels having two sheets in stainless steel or galvanized and pre-varnished steel, between which the thermoresistant material (of different thickness and type depending on the required temperatures) is inserted.

The thermic treatment units placed inside the cells guarantee temperatures and air conditions adequate for product treatment. It is therefore possible to control from the electrical panel both the temperature and the air speed. In the boxes with a negative temperature it is also possible to defrost the heat exchangers during production, avoiding any machine stoppages and therefore avoiding breaks in production.